September 20, 2021 (Ottawa) - Pizza Nova and Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) are proud to announce that Pizza Nova will feature DFC's Blue Cow logo on select marketing campaigns beginning September 2021. Adopting the Blue Cow is a partnership that benefits consumers, brands and farmers alike. Aligning with this nationally recognized symbol, support for Canada's dairy farmers grows and Pizza Nova's consumers can trust that their classic pizza cheese mix is made with 100% Canadian milk produced under some of the world's most stringent standards.

"Nine out of 10 Canadians recognize the logo, found on 8,700 products, and we are excited to welcome Pizza Nova into our Blue Cow family of more than 500 brands and three dozen restaurant chains," says Dairy Farmers of Canada President Pierre Lampron "DFC is thrilled to partner with Pizza Nova, to further showcase our commitments behind the Blue Cow that have made it one of Canada's most trusted brands."

DFC and Pizza Nova share many of the same values around supporting local farmers and promoting Canadian-sourced foods. As consumers increasingly want to trust where their food comes from and know that their values are reflected in the brands they love, DFC's iconic Blue Cow offers Canadians the assurance they seek.

"We are proud to showcase the Blue Cow logo as it aligns with our 'Puro Promise' - the promise of pure, which is at the foundation of everything we do," says Domenic Primucci, President of Pizza Nova. "Supporting Canadian dairy farmers and their dedication to producing the 100% high-quality Canadian milk used in our special blend of mozzarella delivers on that Puro Promise and is why our customers can 'Taste the Difference'."