Ciao Collingwood! Pizza Nova is joining the community!

Celebrate with a $2 pizza at our Grand Opening

TORONTO, September 10, 2020 - Pizza Nova is excited to announce that on Monday, September 14, a new location in Collingwood, Ontario will open! To help celebrate and share their spirit of community, Pizza Nova will be offering $2.00 small pepperoni or cheese pizzas and donating all proceeds from every $2.00 pizza sold to the Collingwood G&M Hospital Foundation.

Visit Pizza Nova at 151 First Street (west of Hurontario between Maple and Beech st) between 11am - 8pm to purchase a small cheese or pepperoni pizza for only $2.00. (limit one per customer, walk-in only, while supplies last). Come join the celebration and also win some exciting giveaways. Pizza Nova is proud to be serving Collingwood!