We're all the way across a pretty big pond, but that doesn't mean that Italy, the place where this all started, is ever far from our hearts and kitchens. It's the country the Primucci family immigrated from, and we do our best to honour Italy’s heritage and culinary traditions with the food we make and the great care we put into making it.

Domenic Primucci, the President of Pizza Nova, comes by his passion for Italian food, and the ingredients that create it, honestly. His father and uncles opened the original Pizza Nova in Scarborough, Ontario in 1963. The first franchised Pizza Nova opened in 1969, and since then, Pizza Nova and the Primucci family have helped hundreds of families own and operate their own Pizza Nova store. Even with a network of over 150 stores, Pizza Nova still operates under the simple mandate of serving the best food possible.

We do that by not only sourcing the freshest, locally grown ingredients, but also using the best recipes and traditional preparation methods. We invite you to Taste the Difference!

Grazie, buon appetito!

In 2023, we celebrate our 60th anniversary! As Pizza Nova embarks on our next chapter, the company will continue to focus on our Puro Promise and supporting communities, an important part of our company's future.

Visit the original ristorante. novaristorante.ca